Our Present


Fr. Emmanuel Cristian Frunzulica Our Parish Priest

Father Emmanuel Cristian Frunzulica is a graduate of Radu Voda Theological Seminary in Bucharest Romania and of the Faculty of Theology in Sibiu, having a Bachelor Degree in Theology. He was ordained at our church into the Holy Priesthood on April 19 2015 by our Most Reverend Archbishop Nathaniel Popp and he has been serving as our priest ever since.


IMG_3861Rev. Fr. John Bujea, Ed D – our Parish Deacon

Fr. John was ordained to Holy Deaconate in 2005. He holds a doctorate of Education. 




Our Parish Council

Our Church Administration is run by the Parish Council. Our Parish Council President is Rodney Peters, Vice President Carole Sagin, Secretary Angie Beaumont, and Treasurer Mrs. Donna Davies.

Our Ladies Auxiliary

The women of our church are organized in a ladies auxiliary group. Through their activities they support our church spiritually and financially. The president of our ladies auxiliary is Gloria Buchanan.

Ladies Auxiliary Bake Sale


Our Church School

The children of our church are guided in the growth of their faith and knowledge about God in our Church School. The Church School Teachers are Suzane Beckel and Mandy Peters.